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Lost in - Berlin

today i would like to show you something a little bit different. well it has still something to do with travel and berlin, but it is more something i discovered and i would love to share with you. 

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Turkish Market - Food in Berlin

i would consider myself a foodie - a foodaholic - a foodaddict - whatever you want to call it. i just love food - especially when it comes to getting grocery and cooking. there is nothing better than the smell of amazing and fresh food.

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Open-Air Cinema - Popcorn under the starry sky

i love going to the cinema and watch a great movie. but during summer it is just a shame to stay inside if the weather is great. lucky for me that there are quite a few open air cinemas in berlin. and i want to share with you my top 3.

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The smallest Disco in the World

if you ask young people why they come to berlin the majority would always say, that it is because of its nightlife. and it is true. not many cities in the world can compete with that, especially because the clubs are very versatile and the prices are pretty reasonable (ranging from like 3 - 15€).

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DuBonheur - Sweet Snacktime

macarons - my life, my dream, my everything! the hashtag #foodporn was just invented for this sweet french delicacy. and I am so happy that they do not only exist in france.

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Cozy's - my second home

sometimes i find it hard to get stuff done at home. that is the time when i head out to cozy's. it is the best place for me to work while having a coffee and a snack.

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Paletas - Ice Ice Baby

i love me some icecream during summertime. but besides the normal icecream in a cone or the one you find in a supermarket, it is hard to find something different and interesting. until i discovered paletas popsicles.

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Stadtengel - the place of happiness

let's be honest - i am not a big fan of material gifts unless you really asked for that specific thing. i'd rather do something interactive, because there is nothing better than spending time together with your friends and your family. 

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Entwederoder - Sundaybrunch Berlin #1

who doesn't like a nice brunch on a sunday morning - espacially after a night out? well i do! and in berlin there are so many places that offer a really nice breakfast or a brunch that I would love to share with you guys.

Café Entweder Oder - Oderberger Spezial for 2 people
Café Entweder Oder - Oderberger Spezial for 2 people
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