i would not be the person that i am today and i certainly wouldn't be where i am now if it wasn't for travelling. having the possibility to go out there and discover what the world has to over made me realize so many things. so i wanted to share some things that i have learned while travelling. 

1. making memories


nobody will ever make the same experience than you, so take in every moment and keep those memories. i never leave on a trip without my camera or my travel book. while taking pictures is the obvious utensil to remember a trip i also love to write down everything. during the day i collect something – maybe a card from a restaurant i ate, or a ticket from a museum i went to – that i stick in that book. And then i just sum up what my day looked like. so when i look back at the pictures that i took during my trip i also do have a written reminder of what exactly happened then. and i like to use it for recommendations whenever people ask me about a place they like to travel to.


2. planning is overrated


of course some kind of planning is essential but don’t plan every day in advance. i like to use google maps to pin every place i like to see, leaving a small note with every pin that has some kind of insider tips. but this is basically all the planning i do before i leave for a trip. normally i decide every day what i like to do or see and you never know – maybe you get to see something that you didn’t think or heard of before.


3. tourist reviews vs. local people


not everything that you can find on the internet is true or representative. tourists are just people like you and me and everybody has a different opinion and taste on what they like. so they can hate something that you end up really liking. talking to local people can bring you closer to the customs and habits of that country. and getting to know a country and its people is one of the main reasons for me to travel.


4. appreciate what you already have


that is actually something that always fascinates me especially when i am not travelling. i have a full-time job, a great apartment in one of the coolest cities, food and water and i am in good health. but all of this gets so normal that sometimes you just get to a point where you start complaining all the time. whenever i am travelling though i realize how lucky i am having all of that and also the opportunity to travel.


5. becoming aware of your surroundings


travelling also made me think more about the environment and material things. when i was younger i loved to own a lot of things, but now i think i am getting more and more minimalist. also because i’d rather spend my money for travelling than for material objects. and let's be honest - you normally just live out of your backpack when you travel. so everything else that you own is basically "useless". i also just recently turned more towards the zero-waste movement, which basically just means that i try to buy products that are compostable, reusable or recyclable. it is just a great feeling to know that i help to preserve this world.



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