i don’t know about you guys but since i was a young girl i always dreamed about having a treehouse. there is something so simple but yet so well “structured” about it that fascinates me.

so i guess you can imagine how excited i was to stay in a treehouse resort located in a very small village 70 kilometers in the nort-east of chiang mai. it is a family-owned resort that started as a project in 2010 and was opened for the public 2 years later. the owner, mr. suwannachin is actually a retired architect and has designed and built 6 cottage treehouses and 2 family treehouses until now. since the resort is in the middle of nowhere there is not much to do close-by other than relax.


how to get there


as i mentionned before the resort is located 70 kilometers in the north-east of chiang mai. there is no public transportation but the resort offers a daily shuttle service - both ways. they can come and pick you up between 10:00 - 10:30 am at any hotel in the city and they can bring you back - leaving at 1:00 pm from the treehouse. you will have to pay 450 baht each way per person and you should try to be more than 2 people. the drive will take around 1.5 hours by car.

if you are like me and you like the adventure than get a scooter and get there by yourself. i ended up renting one for 4 days and i ave to say that this was a great decision. not only can you stop on your way there and discover a few things but you will be more independent at the resort. here is a map of things that you could discover there, if you have a scooter.


what to eat there


well since it is a small village and there is not much there you won’t find a market or anything like that there. the closest market is actually 40 kilometers away from the resort. so you either buy your food before you get there or you just eat at the resort. they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and it is actually really good even though you don’t get much of a choice. however they do keep in mind your food preferences so if you have an allergy or you don’t like to eat a specific thing then just let them know.

the meal rates for breakfast and lunch are 150 baht per person and for dinner 300 baht per person and the serving times are:

Breakfast: 8-10am

Lunch: 11am-1pm

Dinner: 6:30 pm


where to stay


all of the houses are a like but still different. i stayed at the tamarind house which is pretty high up in the tree. there is a room where 2 people can sleep, a outdoor toilet and a sink upstairs. for a shower, which is by the way an outdoor shower, you have to get downstairs. if you want to take a look at the others then check out the website. also make a reservation quiet early because it seems that all of the houses are booked most of the time.


would i stay there again?


yes for sure! i really enjoyed my stay there but i would not stay longer than 2 nights because of the fact that there is not much to do and 2 days not doing much is a lot for me. if you like to just relax, read a book or do whatever relaxes you the most then it is a must-do.

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Comments: 9
  • #1

    Sharon Deles Yabut (Friday, 21 October 2016 12:34)

    Interesting, thanks for sharing

  • #2

    Roger Wellington (Friday, 21 October 2016 20:59)

    Wow, what an awesome stay! I had no idea you could do this near Chiangmai. I was there last year and enjoyed the city very much. I will definitely look into this treehouse accommodation next time I return. :)

  • #3

    Ivy (Saturday, 22 October 2016 01:11)

    OMG This is such a cool place to stay! I've always wanted to stay in a treehouse but this one looks pretty high up and I have a fear of heights haha. I think I'd hang out on the swing downstairs for the most part :P

  • #4

    Munchkin Treks (Saturday, 22 October 2016 04:30)

    The photos of the treehouses are amazing. I think my kids would absolutely love this. What kid wouldn't want to vacation in a treehouse? I'll keep this place in mind if I travel near Chiang Mai.

  • #5

    Allison (Saturday, 22 October 2016 06:20)

    This is like the coolest thing ever! I wish I had known about it when Ai was in Thailand! I'm heading to Bali in March and will be looking into finding treehouse accomodation there.

  • #6

    Janine (Saturday, 22 October 2016 07:13)

    Your post made me think of the Swiss Family Robinson! What a cool place to stay. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have thought it was located in Thailand as it gave the Thai vibe :) I will consider it if I go back!

  • #7

    Lauren West (Saturday, 22 October 2016 10:16)

    How peaceful! I could use an escape to a Thai treehouse right now :) This seems like a great place to relax and get away from it all. And it's near Chiang Mai, one of my favorite places ever!

  • #8

    Tina (Saturday, 22 October 2016 13:38)

    oh my gosh, I have to go stay in one of these. I've seen pictures in all sorts of venues of the beautiful designs of Tree houses and like you have always wanted a tree house. The tree house resort looks amazing!

  • #9

    Deni (Saturday, 22 October 2016 18:40)

    Wow! This looks like an absolutely incredible treehouse! Staying in a treehouse has definitely been a bucket list thing for me, ever since my friends and I made a treehouse that we weren't allowed to sleep in as kids. I don't know if I would stay here, as having access to a local market is very important to me (lots of food allergies & sometimes it's best just to cook for myself), but it looks like you had a great stay!