DuBonheur - Sweet Snacktime

macarons - my life, my dream, my everything! the hashtag #foodporn was just invented for this sweet french delicacy. and I am so happy that they do not only exist in france.

i mean the name says it all "Cafe Du Bonheur" (cafe of happiness). it is literally the closest you can get to the french lifestyle without being in france. 


if you have a sweet tooth and you like the french pastry like i do, then that is the place to be. from croissants and pain au chocolat to brioche and petit fours you will find happiness there. i espacially go there to enjoy eating macarons!


if you more of a salty person don't worry. they also do have a variety of breakfast combinations and other interesting things on the menu. or you can just go there to enjoy the ambiente.


macarons are actually one of the most difficult pastry to make. believe me, i tried sooo many times and they never turn out great. but after i learned that the owners are actually austrian and german it gave me hope to not give up and continue to try. but until then i am going to get my dose of my favorite sweet from this place - for sure!

source Cafe du Bonheur

brunnenstr. 39, 10115 berlin

open wednesday to friday from 8 am to 7pm and saturday to sunday from 9am to 7pm

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