Cozy's - my second home

sometimes i find it hard to get stuff done at home. that is the time when i head out to cozy's. it is the best place for me to work while having a coffee and a snack.

this place opened beginning of 2015 right at boxhagener platz. so it is actually still pretty new. the owners are salima & roland - a really nice and welcoming couple. i think they both make a huge impact on why i love that place.

and then of course there is the menu. everything is not just homemade but also very fresh. their smoothies are one of the bests i have ever had, espacially the detox power smoothie. but you can also get a sandwich, banana bread, a croissant or a soup there.

normally i order a chai latte or a matcha latte (insider tipp: try the matcha latte with soymilk and not ricemilk). and whenever i feel like i need some sugar for my brain to function i take the monster brownie - no words, just try it.

the greatest thing though is that they just remember everyone. so everytime i go there, they know exactly what i want without even telling them. and that's what makes it so cozy.

gabriel-max-str. 15a, 10245 berlin

open monday to friday from 8:30am to 6pm an from saturday to sunday from 9 am to 5pm

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