Paletas - Ice Ice Baby

i love me some icecream during summertime. but besides the normal icecream in a cone or the one you find in a supermarket, it is hard to find something different and interesting. until i discovered paletas popsicles.


paletas is handmade icecream in the form of popsicles. the best thing is that they only use seasonal fresh fruit and no preservatives - which also means that you will find different kind of tastes and ingredients. i personally love the cucumber edition, because it is so unique but also refreshing. but i do believe that they have some kind of a standard assortment.


they do have one shop which actually just opened and lucky me - just around the corner. but don't worry. you can find their popsicles everywhere in berlin but also all around germany. just check their website if you want to know if there is a paletas just nearby your place.
it might also be possible that you will find paletas - in the form of a foodtruck, a booth or a vendor's tray - at some events since they also offer catering. which is by the way a really great idea, if you have a birthday party, a wedding or some other event.

wühlischstr. 26, 10245 berlin

open monday to friday from 1pm to 9pm and saturday to sunday from noon to 9pm

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