Stadtengel - the place of happiness

let's be honest - i am not a big fan of material gifts unless you really asked for that specific thing. i'd rather do something interactive, because there is nothing better than spending time together with your friends and your family. 

but sometimes you just need something small to bring to a party or to put a smile on somebodys face. and that is exactly what you can find at "stadtengel". it even says it in there slogan - "everything that spreads happiness".  i wasn't actually looking for something when i went there the first time but i immediately fell in love with that place and every time i have been searching for a small present i found it right there. 

they have a huge variety of products - for young and old. i personally love their collection of home accessories and cards. and regarding the price it is really affordable. sure it is not the cheapest store but for this great quality and individuality i like to pay a bit more.

wühlischstr. 24, 10245 berlin

open monday to friday from 11am to 8pm and saturday 11am to 7pm

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