it seems that nobody ever mentions malaysia when they talk about asia. which is a real shame. espacially because this country is mutli-ethnic and multi-cultural and therefore has so much to offer - besides a variety of landscapes. 

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i was mostly impressed by how islam, buddhism, christianity and hinduism are living peaceful right next to each other which also influences the architecture of that country - mosques, next to churches and temples. but also the malaysian history had a huge impact on the urban layout of the cities, because before malaysia became an independent country it belonged to the british empire. so the asian, primarily the chinese, and the british culture blend in perfectly and make malaysia an interesting and unique spot on earth.

if you have never experienced an islamic country, you have to be aware of two things before traveling to malaysia: there are five calls of prayers coming from the mosques every day, so if your accommodation is next to one and you are a morning person then you won't have a problem or else earplugs will become your best friends. but you kind of get used to it very quickly and you won't even notice it anymore. secondly i am a big fan of respecting other cultures and religions and i don't understand people, mainly females that walk around almost naked and then bitch about the guys that hit on them. i walked around in thin leggings and long flowy shirts (that covered my behind of course) and that was perfectly fine.

landscape-wise you can expect everything - from beaches and cities to rainforest and mountains. that also includes variations in temperature. while it was mostly around 35-40°C near the water, it got really "cold" in the cameron highlands with 20°C and please don't laugh - i was glad that i had a sweater, a windbreaker and woolen socks. 


My itinerary: Penang - Kota BharuPerhentian Islands - Taman Negara - Cameron Highlands - Kuala Lumpur

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    Bianca (Tuesday, 04 October 2016 16:32)

    This will help me for my Malaysia trip this year! :)

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    Carrie (Wednesday, 05 October 2016 11:01)

    Gotta wonder not only at the girls who don't respect (or know) the culture. Did you see the group of Australians who were arrested during Malaysia's F1 Grand Prix this week?! They were drunk and stripped to their skivvies to celebrate a fellow Aussie's win. While that wouldn't even make the news in Australia or the US, it's clearly a big no-no in Malaysia.

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