...that's what you hear everywhere and from everyone who ever went to thailand. well i guess it is a really good place to start your journey if you plan on traveling throughout southeast asia. 

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especially the flights to bangkok are so cheap compared to other destinations in asia. just check out websites like skyscanner or momondo and you will be surprised how cheap you can get around. the locals are also very friendly and used to see tourists. but that is also the problem that i have with that country. besides the amazing culture, architecture and nature i didn't feel like beeing in asia. it felt more like i was still in europe and i was discovering a huge "thailandtown" inspired by "chinatown" which you can find in many big cities nowadays. i got quickly frustrated and sick of the tourists which might seem strange to you because you'd think "well wait a minute, she is also a tourist so that doesn't make any sense." well i have to disagree. i do make a difference between tourists and backpackers. to me they are not the same. tourists are people that plan their travel to another country well ahead and very detailed because they only have a short amount of time to spend there. they always stay in hotels and do all kind of touristic activities that are out there, therefore they rarely get to know the real culture and the locals. backpackers on the other hand travel for a much longer time and just go with the flow. i also call them the "budget traveller" since they don't have much money or don't want to spend much money on material things. they rather get rich on experiences, memories and stories. they are not afraid of getting out of their comfort zone to try out new things and don't even think about what tomorrow might have in hand for them. 

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